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Our approach is a little different. We use the standard blower door test to get some quantitative figures on the level of air leaks in and around your house. We look for leaks around windows and doors, through insulation, in the heating and A/C system. We often find air leaking from unexpected places. These are of great concern because of the high energy costs associated with heating and air conditioning. Your water heater may be using too much energy, a place often overlooked.

These types of leaks let in humid air, pollen and mold spores. Any toxic gases or pesticides floating in the air permeate the house. Even fine dirt particles, dust, can fill your place and cause health issues. The air inside your house should be cleaner than the air outside. Some ways to clean air use no additional power. If the air is cleaner you may be more comfortable and use the air conditioners less.

We check visible areas for missing insulation. We may advise that some older types be removed, or that additional insulation be added. What about window and door insulation? Are your windows double glass insulated? Are triple glazed windows needed?

We comment and advise on some of your appliances that may need optimization or updating. We can monitor some of the items in your house for energy consumption. For example, it might be good to know how much energy your audiovisual equipment uses when it is OFF !

Inspecting your utility bills for gas, water and electricity is often revealing. Part of what we may do is coach you to be more conservative.

Note: All animals and pets must be removed from the dwelling before pressure and duct tests can be done. This involves putting the house under suction by the use of vacuum producing fan equipment. Access to all ducts and registers is required.

An energy audit can take a whole day or more.

• Basic Inspection
• Moisture & Mold Report
• Electric Detailed Report
• Indoor Air Analysis
• Energy Audit

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Venice Professional Services home inspections aim is to irradicate some causes of moisture and mold problems, improve indoor air quality and perform energy audits using a blower door to help "green" up your house. Investigate defects, find leaks, perform a full examination and investigation. Remediate. You want a Healthy House. InterNACHI, IAC2, Florida Home Inspection licensed, insured. Residential and Commercial inspections. We are your personal inspector.
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