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Some people ask for mold inspections as they already suspect continued levels of high humidity. They may suspect leaks within the enclosure, relentless musty oders are evident. Signs of trouble that may have shown up in the basic inspection are visible areas of mold and mildew. Other indicators that may have been visualized are wall or ceiling stains, peeling interior paint and wallpaper, leaking pipes and possibly the detection of wet surfaces. Alternatively, things may look well while problems exist inside walls, under floors and inside of appliances as the HVAC ducts and equipment.

If you have mold then there must be moisture somewhere. It cannot grow much if things are dry. Remember, mold is everywhere. There is no EPA guidance level as mold is so ubiquitous. Some problems stem from people being sensitive to the mold spores or toxins or that levels are really very high all the time. Mold spores contribute to high particulate counts indoors. This contribute to air quality issues alone.

One needs to look for and even prove that moisture levels are elevated. Sometimes there are just point sources, moisture signs in a single area or room. Is there a leak from above, from below? The inspection looks for these things. Taking temperature and humidity readings in multiple locations can be helpful. The basic moisture inspection is a helpful start here. It can point you in the right direction.

The most specific testing for mold inspection is the sampling of air and surfaces. We have equipment that enables us to culture and identify microorganisms. Continuous air sampleing methods compare the local types of mold both inside and outside your house. Levels of both the amount of fungi and the types will be revealing. This is not a quantitative test but a qualitative test and so the interpretation of the results is very important.

If air and surface testing is not consistant with your problem, then we may need to obtain specimens from inside walls (with your permission of course). You will be responsible for repairing, at your expense, the holes we drill but we can make them very inconspicuous and very small. But again, if you are having issues there may be no other way to get samples from behind the wall boards.

Even a well built house can have moisture issues. The cause may not be due to a single defect but rather a multitude of smaller issues that can add up to significant moisture problems and possibly mold. We try to come up with solutions to reduce moisture, stop water intrusion and minimize air leaks. The goal is to make the house a more comfortable, safer, better place to live.

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