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Preventative Tips - Moisture Reduction

The biggest problems in Florida homes include moisture accumulation. A major factor is the lack of moisture removal from the condition air space.

Air conditioners should be set to run at lower speeds. The slower it runs the more moisture it removes. This will not have much of an effect on your bill. This is in part because you will not have to cool your house to as low a temperature. In general, the more moist the air becomes, the more you need to cool it down to be comfortable. But you may still feel clammy.

Moisture Home InspectionConsider the use of a dehumidifier during the cooler months. The air conditioner does not run so moisture is not removed. Heat pumps (air conditioners running in reverse mode to produce heat in the house) do not dry the air as gas heaters do up north. And the air in Florida is moist all year long. I consider it to be "dry" if the humidity is less than 75% here. But it is still very wet in reality.

Most garages need dehumidification. You can port a hole through the wall to allow for direct drainage outside. This eliminates the need to empty the water bucket. Just do it.

I recommend the Danby dehumidifiers shown to the right.

Below is an example of Moisture causing Mold Growth and Rust on a vent grill:
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