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Preventative Tips - Vacation Times

You can prevent a host of possible issues by following these tips before you leave on vacation or the season (for you snow birds). Many of the problems are water related again.

It has happened, the last person out the door goes to the bathroom and the toilet flapper is stuck. It runs the whole time you are gone. The pipes burst in your absence, a true disaster. Replace those hoses to the clothes washer every several years. They break too.

Especially in Florida, the lightening capital of the world, UNPLUG major appliances, electronics and entertainment centers. You diminish the chances of transient voltage issues and you can save some electricity. Did you know that a large TV can be using 60 - 80 watts or more when it is turned off? Large entertainment centers with DVD players, projectors and amplifiers can use hundreds of watts, even though they are off. You have to actually unplug them. Also, this heat generated during the summer will make the air conditioner run more.

Talk about air conditioning. You need to have it run in warm moist environments to remove moisture that accumulates. See also the Moisture Reduction tab. Have drain lines checked and cleared often, especially before long sojourns. Humidistats designed to remove moisture just do not work right in my experience. If you have moisture problems, find and remove them.

Make sure your windows and doors are closed and locked, all of them. If you have an alarm system use it. It never ceases to amaze me how many people have them but never use them. Only after they get burglarized do they turn on their alarm systems.

A burst washer hose can cause a lot of damage:      Pull those plugs out of the socket:

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