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Preventative Tips - Windows and Doors

What kind of maintenance do windows and doors require?

Sash and frame surfaces, drainage systems, glass (whether single-glazed or insulating), and hardware all require periodic maintenance for best service, smooth operation, and long life. Yes, windows and doors require maintenacne and upkeep. This is what keeps them up to the original specs.

Keep sash and frame surfaces clean, but never use petroleum-based cleaners, solvents, or caustic chemicals on sash or frame surfaces, or glass. Wax aluminum frames with a high quality car wax. Metal dorr and window frames need waxing for longevity.

Keep sill and track areas clean and free of dirt, sand, dead insects, and other debris. Keep weep holes clear. This is particularly inportant for windows. For mechanically joined (screwed together) frames, be sure corners are caulked to prevent water penetration to the interior. Caulking must somtimes be done yearly.

Keep the glass clean, but do not use a high-pressure spray nozzle when rinsing your windows. Never use a razor blade, putty knife, or abrasive pad to clean the glass, frames, or sash. Do not apply any aftermarket films to dual-glazed windows. These tint films may cause excessive heat buildup inside the insulated unit, resulting in heat cracks or seal failure, and may void your warranty.

Check the operation of locks, latches, sash balances, and hinges. All hardware must be regularly cleaned and maintained. Use silicone spray if you need to lubricate your window rollers or tracks. Do not use oil-based lubricants, as they may cause metal rollers to collect dirt and nylon rollers to deteriorate.

Check weather stripping around operable window and door panels to be sure it seals evenly and is not excessively worn or twisted. These seales need periodic replacement.

Not everything needs caulk. Do not caulk over window weep holes that allow for water to escape and drainage:

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Caulk can be effectively used in many ways but must always be maintained. Here are stairs with caulk:

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