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Preventative Tips - Yard and Driveway

This area is frequently overlooked especially at the time of building. People just do not want to pay for dirt to elevate their homes. Water MUST flow away from the house, period. Many of the problems with homes that is seen by inspectors is related to moisture. Contributing to this are wet foundations and walls.

How many people do you know have driveways sloping TOWARDS the garage door? This has to be avoided and if present changed to divert the flow of water in a different direction. Sometimes drains are needed of sufficient capacity.

The ground next to the house should slope down at least 10 inches for the first 6 feet away in my thinking. Rain water needs to flow away from the foundation otherwise some of the water will end up inside the structure. Foundations are not water tight, at best they are only somewhat water resistant. As such the flow of water around the property must circumvent the structure.

Homes built on hills often have the high side with water dammed up by the house. One needs a berm and a swale to divert the flow to the sides of the house and then around the structure. This is a necessary feature of any house on a slope.

The yard has other factors to consider. Plants up against the house allow for insects and the build up of moisture on the walls. No plants should touch the house. Better yet, they should be at least a foot or two away. The same can be said for the sprinkler system if you have one. Why do they always put them right up against the walls of a house? This only guarantees that the wall is wet, damp and stained.

This house has the sprinkler heads at least 3 feet and the plants at least 4 feet from the house. You can walk around the house with the sprinklers on and not get wet:

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