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Pricing - Non-Commercial Audits

0 - Limited area inspection. Costs vary. An example may be to inspect only a kitchen area, or a basement or deck area. Other examples are to test a sprinkler system or inspect a pool to evaluate the equipment. These quick and partial inspections start at $250 for the first hour and $150 for each additional hour. You can get a simple air quality analysis this way. Add in any lab fees for items that need to be sent off for analysis.

1 - Minimal, audit for realtors, a four point inspection:
Details of the inspection: We inspect for obvious defects. This is an abbreviated, less detailed version of a Basic home inspection.
Time is usually 3 - 4 hours in length. Cost estimate for average 4,000 SF house, min. $800.

2 - Basic, more detailed inspection for the home owner or for a purchaser who wants more details:
See details of the inspection for InterNACHI SOP.
Time is usually 6 - 12 hours in length or more. Cost estimate for average 4,000 SF house, min. $1,600.

3 - Additional, more detailed Electrical inspection:
This requires access to all plugs and outlets not normally tested when investigating occupied places. We try to test every 120 volt plug/receptacle outlet. This means the top and bottom plug of each receptacle for example. We check voltage drops of each line under load. We are limited to access by some belongings and furniture in occupied homes but try our best to safely complete the inspection.
Adds another 3 - 4 hours to any inspection. Cost estimate for average 4,000 SF house, min. $600 added to the cost of a moderate inspection.

4 - Moisture inspection:
We can use infrared and moisture sensing equipment to try to locate moisture issues using more sophisticated techniques. These are usually asked for when moisture problems are suspected. Actual moisture measurements of parts of the house are obtained.
Adds min. 2 - 4 hours to the inspection. Cost estimate for average 4,000 SF house is a min. $800 added to the cost of a basic inspection. Starts at approx $2,200 for stand alone inspection of a 4,000 SF house.

5 - Mold inspection:
If moisture or mold is suspect we can take samples, usually both indoor and outdoors, for qualitative, spot checks of issues related to Mold.
Adds 2 - 3 hours, 4 plus hours if in wall testing is to be done. Access holes (with your permission) made during the inspection will not be repaired. One needs to make their own arrangements to repair these defects that we create in order to try to find areas that contain Mold in difficult to reach areas, in wall areas. This is only performed for more difficult cases.
Cost estimate for average 4,000 SF house, min. $1,200 added to the cost of a basic inspection. Starts at approx $3,200 for stand alone inspection of a 4,000 SF house. It is usually several hundred dollars more depending on how many samples are taken and if in-wall samples are needed. Samples cost us a lab analysis fee of $35 - $95 each to process.

6 - Help you understand and get Radon gas contamination inspections. We are not experts in this area but can get you started.

7 - Energy Audit.
We test the ducts for leakage and the house for air tightness. All animals and pets must be removed from the dwelling before this can be done. This involves putting the house under suction by the use of vacuum producing fan equipment. Access to all ducts and registers is required.
This will take at least a whole day to perform. Cost estimates for an average 4,000 SF house is a minimum $2,200. If duct work needs isolated testing then you can add at least $1,800 more to the cost of the inspection.

Why should you be air tight?
You only want open, new, outside air when conditions are favorable. For example you would not want to open all the windows if it is raining or the humidity is 90 to 100%. This will only add to or cause moisture problems. Nor would you want to open the house up if there are bad odors outside, if the pollen count was high, or there was nearby construction with a lot of dust. Leaky houses normally let all of these things into your house around the clock. You would not want your house open when your neighbors are getting fertilizers or pesticides applied.

You want air exchange only when you are ready for it. You want only conditioned air to enter the house if possible.

8 - Air quality inspection.
Details of the inspection:
There is no standard for a complete air quality reading. But there are ranges of certain things we can assess. We test for carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, ozone and can test other gases. Important for air quality in our minds is the evaluation of particles (often not tested secondary to the expense of the equipment). Although there are no EPA regulations I can give my recommendations based on my experience. I feel this is a very important test in our area. It is also something we can fix or improve upon.
Cost estimate for average 4,000 SF house $800 added to the cost of a moderate inspection. A stand alone cost estimate would be $1400.

10 - Other Services:

a - Ozone treatment:
Isolated high concentration ozone treatments have been shown to help eliminate odors. There is evidence that it may kill bacteria and mold when used in high concentrations. This is not like the use of low level ionizing ozone air purifiers that seem to give off a pleasant smell but not actually do too much. People, animals, and plants should not be in the treated areas and for several hours after completion. Room treatments start at $100 and can go up to $500 or more for whole house treatments. Multi-level homes, humid locations, highly difficult situations and those places having basements may require multiple treatments. Finding and elimination of the causes of the issues/ odors is paramount. Otherwise they will recur with time.

For banks and other loaning institutions:
Make sure you are financing a viable house. Houses sitting around are much worse off than occupied houses in terms of things rusting and the advanced deterioration that occurs in vacant dwellings in our area.

A buyer should walk away from a money pit house, they must be avoided (in our opinion).

• Basic Inspection
• Moisture & Mold Report
• Electric Detailed Report
• Indoor Air Analysis
• Energy Audit

Sample Home Inspection

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