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Venice Professional Services is your Sarasota County home inspector. We can provide home inspections to irradicate moisture, improve air quality and inspection for energy audits. We are InterNACHI, IAC2, Florida Home Inspection licensed and insured and provide residential and commercial inspections for Venice, Sarasota, Osprey, Longboat Key, Manatee and Palmetto.

At Venice Professional Services, we specialize in helping you make your home a better place to live. We try to do preventative medicine - like recommendations. This way you can discover and correct things going bad and fix them. It is usually less expensive to fix things early rather than when things really go bad. We help "tune up" your house to make it a better place to live.

Let us help you find things that can be improved such as your air quality, help find moisture issues to decrease musty humidity problems, and seal your house from unwanted dirty outside air. We can probably make you more energy efficient, find the leaks, find energy hogs and recommend improvements from less costly insulation to replacement suggestions to improve energy efficiency. We use High End Thermal Imaging for analysis of water intrusion and insulation defects. We measure certain air quality parameters including difficult to measure particle counts. We can use blower doors and can check ductwork. We have ways to measure electrical losses to your receptacles and plugs.

Not only do we inspect YOUR home to make it a better place for YOU to live, but we also make recommendations to make improvements. We have lists of contractors that we have used with success in the past. Mold and Mildew inspections. Yes, we also do basic home inspections, but at a higher level if requested. Do yourself a favor today. At least get a basic indoor air quality test to get an idea of what you are breathing.

If you do nothing else, get a spot indoor air quality check before moving into any office space or building. No basic home inspection includes this type of test as they can be costly. Few have the necessary sophisticated equipement for proper testing, but we do. Humidity is not the only issue.

• Basic Inspection
• Moisture & Mold
• Electric Detailed
• Indoor Air Analysis
• Energy Audit

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Venice Professional Services home impvovements and inspections aim is to irradicate some causes of moisture and mold problems, improve indoor air quality and perform energy audits using a blower door to help "green" up your house. Investigate defects, find leaks, perform a full examination and investigation. Remediate. You want a Healthy House. InterNACHI, IAC2, Florida Home Inspection licensed, insured. Residential and Commercial inspections. We are your personal inspector.
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